Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A gameboy motivation

So, it was last week that I was sitting around with my girlfriend watching some television and playing burnout revenge on the playstation 2, things we usually do on these frigid weekends, when I had found my old gameboy (we're talking about a 1989 model) from all those years ago. Ever since my PVR (personal video recorder) computer I had built in the fall of 2003 I had been very interested in mini boards and making cooler more useful things out of odd appliances. Taking a look at mini-itx you will see all the cool projects people have toyed with with ITX motherboards, which are little 17cmx17cm PC motherboards. So the idea had dawned into my head to try to create a small computer appliance out of my gameboy. The easiest application I thought would make sense with the amount of buttons the gameboy has was making it as an mp3 player. Now before anyone says anything further about the fact that the ancient gameboys are giant bricks, I will get to all of the reasoning towards the end of this entry.
What also brought me to pursuing this project and actually put a blog about it is the fact that the gameboy is pretty big and infact there are pieces of electronics needed will probably fit easily into the casing of the gameboy. The second reason I can think of is that since the gameboy is old, I can probably find some sort of schematics on the display and the buttons documented by hobbists who were interested enough to do so. I know a few years back looking online I found the schematics for the multiplayer cord for the original gameboys and the gameboy advance. My final quick reason for even doing this is the coolness factor. Imagine taking a vintage gameboy around that played all your favorite songs and weren't even limited to mp3 functionality.
To be realistic I have a little experience with digital logic and machine state design (I still have the books and know how to work with digitial circuits) and I know that this project will not be an overnight one or a cheap one at that. While I am typing this on my futon I have the gameboy test subject #00001 looking at me with a blank uncertainty. I intend to keep this blog up for my friends and anyone else who will care to check out the project and perhaps provide some insight on it. This also isn't something that I will have ridiculous amounts of time to work on as I am a college student (CS major), work as a java developer for a small financial company, have another software project going on (check it out), and friends to spend time with. With this being said, let the project begin. I have my work cut out for me and I do hope for a successful and fun outcome.


Anonymous Kelli said...

OMG babe you are so freakin sweet! I love this idea......KISS.

12/22/2005 10:12 AM  
Blogger nio said...

I have wanted to do this for the longest time..... Problem is the money and the fact that messin with small electronics scares me. If this succeeds, i will probably have to do it. Even though i just bought a new mp3 player. Oh well.

1/31/2007 7:30 PM  

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