Wednesday, December 21, 2005

GBMp3 Holiday shopping list

Well its about time that I go looking for a the actual parts for my mp3 player now. Before seriously going along with this I had to think about some realistic components that would fit the following criteria:

- Fit into the GameBoy Chassis
- Would be relatively low power.
- Would have a lot of expansion ports (hard drive, network, display)
- Wouldn't cost a ridiculous* amount of money

While searching briefly I remembered about PC104 components that have PC board capabilities in a very small build. A CPU board should be a perfect fit inside the gameboy and allow room for a small form hard drive (perhaps solid state) etc.

Since anything pentium or faster would be a sure killer of power I think i'll need to look for something a little more power reserved. Many small handheld devices these days utilize the low-powered ARM processor and that will probably be my route. 15 minutes of searching brought me this:

XScale PC/104 Computer with LCD Panel Support

* 520 MHz Low-power ARM processor
* 800 X 600 Color LCD interface
* 10/100BASE-T Ethernet
* Five serial ports
* Debounced keypad interface
* Extended temperature available

520 Mhz is plenty for a player of music and other non-intensive playing gameboy games :-).

According to the specs manual it allows additional storage in addition to the compact flash which would house the Operating System and utilities.

Well I have to leave work, was just using a few moments to comment on the board.


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